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Adobe Commerce for Developers - Professional

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Oct 30, 2023

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May 28, 2024


6 hours


Adobe Commerce Professional Course

Adobe Commerce is a flexible and scalable commerce platform that lets you create personalized B2B and B2C experiences, no matter how many brands you have.

Course modules

The course covers an introduction and overview of key components, configuration considerations, and best practices to provide you with the essential knowledge and skills required to navigate the program


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Getting Started Start  

This section provides an overview of the installation process for Adobe Commerce with links to detailed system requirements,  step-by-step instructions for setting up the software, deployment options, and configuration considerations.


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Installation: Considerations and Setup Start  

The Admin helps you configure, set up, add preferences, and manage many aspects of your site – all from a single Dashboard panel.


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Admin: Roles and Resources Start  

The Adobe Commerce architecture is the overall structure and organization of the software system, encompassing its components, interactions, and design principles that guide development and functionality.


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Architecture: Structural Basics Start  

The Adobe Commerce catalog serves as the backbone of the ecommerce store. It houses all the essential information about the products available for sale and the way they are organized.


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Catalog: Products and Categories Start  

Adobe Commerce allows developers to categorize customers into distinct groups based on shared attributes, behaviors, or preferences.


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Customers: Groups and Structures Start  

A sales cart, or shopping cart, is the virtual basket where customers can gather products or services while browsing an online store. The order, on the other hand, encompasses the entire process from the moment a customer places an item in their cart to the final step of successful order fulfillment.


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Sales: Carts and Orders Start  

The checkout process serves as the pivotal moment where customers convert their shopping carts into actual purchases. Adobe Commerce excels in optimizing this critical step by offering a variety of features and methods to streamline the checkout, payments, and shipping processes, ensuring a smooth journey from product selection to order completion.


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Checkout: Payments and Shipping Start  

In Adobe Commerce, the Content Management System (CMS) helps create, manage, and organize various types of content, such as blocks and pages, which are the basis of the design and structure for website layout and information.


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CMS Content: Blocks and Pages Start  

Adobe Commerce Cloud is a comprehensive and robust ecommerce platform that empowers businesses to create and manage online stores with advanced features and flexibility. Adobe Commerce Cloud combines a user-friendly interface with extensive customization capabilities, allowing merchants to tailor their online storefronts to suit unique business needs.


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Cloud: Features and Tools Start  

Extensions, also known as modules or plugins, are modular pieces of software that add specific features, functionality, or enhancements to the ecommerce store. Extensions are designed to extend the core capabilities of the platform without directly modifying the core codebase. 


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Extensions: Techniques and Controllers Start  

Adobe Commerce API tools provide a set of interfaces and functionalities that allow developers to interact with the ecommerce platform programmatically. They serve as a bridge between different software systems, enabling seamless communication and data exchange. APIs provide a way to retrieve information, perform operations, and integrate external services into the ecommerce store. 


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APIs: Developer Tools and Resources Start  

Adobe Commerce Quiz


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Quiz Start  

Adobe Commerce course closing.


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Closing Start