Adobe Workfront Core Developer – Professional

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Adobe Workfront Core Developer – Professional

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Apr 18, 2024

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Jun 17, 2024


13 hours


Adobe Workfront Professional Course Developers

This learning program is specifically designed to provide new and beginning users with a fast start in learning the basics of Adobe Workfront. The course covers an introduction and overview of key components, configuration considerations, and best practices to provide you with the essential knowledge and skills required to setup a successful Workfront implementation. Additionally, the course offers links to supplementary references, resources, and user materials, ensuring you have the necessary guidance to tackle the Certified  Workfront Core Developer Professional exam and excel in your Adobe Workfront journey.

Course modules

Course Introduction


Module Resources
Course Introduction Start  

As a system administrator, you need to understand how project managers and team members use Workfront before you dive into the setups and configuration. This course module starts with foundational lessons on how work comes into Workfront, how to create, plan, and manage work and how to handle unplanned work.


Module Resources
Basic Work Management Start  

This module dives into the system settings and customizing the user experience. You'll learn how to add and organize users, create and gather unique information through custom forms, configure request queues and enhance the user experience through layout templates. You'll also learn to configure  Workfront boards to provide a flexible way for teams to collaborate. 


Module Resources
System Setup & User Experience Start  

In this module, you will learn the basic reporting elements and how to create different types of custom reports and use them in dashboards. You'll also learn how to set up the financial features in Adobe Workfront to track and review project financial information. Finally, you'll learn about the native integrations customers can leverage at no cost, streamlining the work they do across systems.


Module Resources
Reporting | Finances| Integrations Start  

In this course module, you will learn how to configure and use Workfront's powerful, integrated review and approval tool and how to manage resources through the Workload Balancer and Resource Planner.


Module Resources
Proofing | Resource Management Start  

You've made it to the final week! This module includes helpful resources to get you ready including additional exam prep, how to schedule and pay for the exam and what to expect on exam day. 


Module Resources
Final Exam Prep Start